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The Sales Data Desk

The Future of Sales Performance Management

The Sales Data Desk is a game changing approach that elevates your business beyond traditional sales operations and delivers insight faster than you thought possible. With the Sales Data Desk, your data yields smarter sales planning, operations and insight.

Sales Data

A sales data “source of truth” for sales planning, operations and analytics powering greater collaboration and effectiveness across your sales functions and tools.


Provide sales leadership the ability to drive top-down commitments aligned to bottom-up plans using a collaborative model, built on common accounts, sales history, market intelligence, and forecast data.

Account Segmentation

Account Segmentation
& Scoring

Develop a strategic account strategy designed to increase revenue and drive profitable growth using segments that are unique to your business based on data-driven account scoring.

Quota & Territory

Define the right sales territories and quotas, providing sales a clear line of sight to objectives, from Day 1, and balance sales territories to optimize performance, talent and customer coverage.


Manage your CRM using common sales hierarchies, assignments, product and account data integrated seamlessly with sales planning, forecasting and analytics to drive more effective sales activity.


Collaborative sales forecasting integrated with your CRM and seamlessly shared across sales to improve forecast accuracy and CRM pipeline quality, closing the gap between forecast and revenue.


Manage complex sales crediting requirements – driven by better data from the “Sales Data Hub” to provide transparency and minimize inquiries by sales management and the field.


Be more agile – design, model and configure incentive plans at the pace of your business to deliver commissions, bonuses, contests and awards that have a real impact on your business results.

Sales Analytics
& KPIs

Manage your KPI’s in one place – harnessing the right data from across your organization. Begin by asking the right business questions to deliver sales effectiveness insight.

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